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Family Counselling

Family counselling is a type of therapy that focuses on helping families work through the issues in their relationships. It can provide support and guidance to help resolve conflicts, improve communication, strengthen connections, and restore trust between family members. Family counselling can be beneficial for those experiencing difficulty adjusting to changes or transitions within the family, such as a new sibling, divorce or remarriage, or death of a loved one. It can also be used by families who feel they have become disconnected or strained due to conflict over beliefs, finances, parenting styles, or other issues.

Family counselling typically takes place over several sessions and may involve individual sessions as well as group sessions with all family members present. During these sessions therapists may seek to explore the underlying issues in the relationships between family members and discuss topics such as communication styles, behavioural expectations within the family, trust issues, values and beliefs of each person involved and any resentments that may have been building up over time. The goal is to identify areas of strength that can be

built upon as well as areas of tension that need to be worked through in order to reach an understanding.

If you are considering working with a therapist for your family it is important to make sure you select someone who has experience working with people from all different backgrounds and ages. A good therapist should demonstrate empathy towards all persons involved while providing constructive feedback throughout your conversations together. Ultimately, family counselling offers a safe space for individuals to talk openly about their feelings without fear of judgement from outside sources and ultimately find mutual understanding between one

Every family argues from time to time; but if your family members seem to be locked into a state of permanent conflict, or you are worried that they will become so, it might well be a good idea for you to come along to Relate for some family counselling. Family counselling enables family members to work with a specially trained relate counsellor to help resolve long-standing grievances, arguments, tensions and any other problems. Relate family counsellors won’t tell you what to do, take sides or pass judgement. What they will do is give everyone an equal voice and opportunity to explain how the difficulties look and feel to them, and how they would like things to be different in the future.

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