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Happy Christmas from Relate Cross Pennine

What does a family Christmas look like?

Well, if you believe the supermarket adverts flooding our screens it's parents, grandparents and happy children all sitting around a big dining room table dressed in scrumptious food, Champagne in tall glasses with everyone looking over-joyed and content with smiles on their faces.

Now hands up if you know Christmas might not be just like that in the world you live in.

Christmas may be a magical time but it can also be a time and place where there are arguments, sarcastic comments and discomfort. If that's how your Christmas might be, then follow us here at Relate Cross Pennine as we give you proven tips all the way along your route between now and Christmas Day.

We will be giving you tips on how to keep relationships healthy this Christmas and also ways to virtually connect and keep in touch with the ones you love. You can see these on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Have a merry Christmas, and peace to you and all those around you.

Ken Sanderson

Chief Executive Officer

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