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Let's talk the joy of later life sex - Billy and Cora

Billie and Cora

Billie and Cora talk about sex and intimacy in their later years

Billie : I think you’re as young or as old as you think you are. Or how you feel. It’s all in the mind. I’m 83 now but I’ve never felt my age whatever it was.

Cora: Sex is nothing to do with the age. I think some people once they reach a certain age they never talk about it, but for me it's you discuss it and make fun of it. Make it more natural, because I talked to my friend. And sometimes I always tell them “Oh my God you reach that age means that you stop doing it”.

Billie: You don't worry about it you accept it as a natural thing in life that as you grow older you not expected to be as active as you were when you were younger. And you accept it cause there other ways to express your love for each other. We love each other much more because it grew over the years. We are always…

Cora: kissing.

Billie: yah, at home.

Cora: And sometimes I need to remind you as well. Isn’t it.

Billie: Now and again.

Cora: Ahhh, I don’t know. I believe.

Billie: It’s time (laugh) time to take your viagra out. (more laughter)

Cora: I always put extra, on his wallet. Just to make it sure. (laughter)

Billy and Cora are taking part in the national Relate Let’s Talk The Joy of Later Life Sex campaign. Relate have teamed up with renowned British photographer, Rankin, for the campaign to shine the spotlight on the unseen - sex and intimacy in our later years.

Find out more about Relate’s services which include relationship counselling for individuals and couples and sex therapy

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