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Let's talk the joy of later life sex - Chrissie and Roger

Updated: May 2, 2021

Chrissie and Roger

Chrissie talks about sex and intimacy with Roger in their later years:

"As I’ve gotten older,sex has become more a result of great friendship. More than that physical desire and need.

When you're younger woman you might be more than nymphomaniac when you're older it's more of a fulfilment from the act.

There are barriers to having sex when you get older. But many of them revolve around health.

Particularly if you've had surgery, you physically either cannot have sex or too uncomfortable to have sex. Then the intimacy, the love that couple share often shines through.

A lot of people feel that older people are past it. That they don't have the inner feelings of love and touch that you have when you're younger.

But in fact it's surprised us both that you do maintain exactly those same feelings and you want to touch each other."

Chrissie and Roger are taking part in national Relate's Let’s Talk The Joy of Later Life Sex campaign. Relate have teamed up with renowned British photographer, Rankin, for the campaign to shine the spotlight on the unseen - sex and intimacy in our later years.

Find out more about Relate’s services which include relationship counselling for individuals and couples and sex therapy.

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