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Let's talk the joy of later life sex - Lynne and George

Updated: May 2, 2021

Lynne and George talk about sex and intimacy in their later years:

Lynne: Intimacy in a relationship is very important. You've got to love each other, be intimate with each other.

George: Never a minute or a second of the day goes by without us being understanding and being intimate.

Lynne: I think it's the younger generation, for instant my son - if he thinks that we are having sex he’ll think “Oh my God they’re too old for that”. But he doesn't realise that because we are old, that's the time you should enjoy it more. Because, as you get older you just do the things that you were too embarrassed to do.

As we get older we get more experimental because you're fed up of having rice and peas every day. After being married for 53 years you need to spice it up. When I was younger I was just like 'that's it' but now I'm more experienced I could have fun. I'm more relaxed, I can do what I want to do because I have no inhibitions and I have nothing to prove to anyone.

George: My advice to the old people, is that stop blaming age and saying “oh I'm too old for this”, “I’m too old for that” - to make love to have sex. As Lynne said before, life is for living!

Lynne: There's lots of things that could make you stay young and sex is definitely one of them because it keeps you fit. And it's fun. You could have it for breakfast, you could have it for lunch, whenever you want. It's just fun, so why not?

Lynne and George are taking part in national Relate's Let’s Talk The Joy of Later Life Sex campaign. Relate have teamed up with renowned British photographer, Rankin, for the campaign to shine the spotlight on the unseen - sex and intimacy in our later years.

Find out more about Relate’s services which include relationship counselling for individuals and couples and sex therapy.

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