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Virtual Roadshow - Hebden Bridge!

World Mental Health Day 2022 was this week.. After following last year’s theme of ‘Isolation’ this year the mental health foundation has announced the theme for this year is ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’

We at Relate Cross Pennine aim to bring awareness throughout the week, shedding a light on present statistics on the groups and individuals that aren’t highlighted as often in mental health literature, e.g. single parents, step-parents, young adults without friends or a solid family dynamic.

Life almost seems like it has gone back to normal but for some the aftermath of Covid has left individuals and groups vulnerable and lonely. Whether this has stemmed from loved ones passing or vital relationships that have been lost over the pandemic, it can leave people with nowhere to turn to. We can relate and, with social media being prevalent and a powerful tool in today’s society, it can only take a post or a link to a counsellors page or a local social group, that may help pull someone out of a dark space.

Here are links to projects and activities in your local area which can help you re-build personal relationships and connections. We have identified 3 ways:


Connecting to nature

Nature has been shown to promote healing and a walk around your neighbourhood isn’t always what people crave when it has become mundane or within the ordinary. ‘Live Wild Connecting with Nature’ runs courses and programmes in West Yorkshire, inviting people of all ages to rediscover the wild nature, both inside and outside of us. With foraging, wild singing, nature workshops and a lot they invite you to rediscover ‘living wild’ and give yourself the space to learn, connect and explore. Not only is there classes for old and younger generations, but there are programmes they run especially for school children and social groups, with discounted rates. And if you are wanting to connect but can’t travel or wish to stay just active online, there’s a newsletter which is free to sign up and will offer information on nature and your surrounding area and in addition to that, two recipes in each copy for you to try at home. On top of that there’s an active blog, where advice and

general nature posts are frequently uploaded, with links to YouTube videos created by the

volunteers and founders. Linked below is their site with workshop listed through tabbed sections and a form to sign up to their newsletter.

For wheelchair users or the less abled bodies, finding places to connect with nature can be tricky when the landscape isn’t easy to access. No one should have to miss out on visiting beautiful sites and there should be options when looking for the next day out. ‘Accessible Nature UK’ is a useful resource aimed at helping people who are dependent on a mobility/power chair, electric propelling unit etc, to access the natural world and nature. Founded by the author when he was paralysed in 2014 by a bad bike accident, the nature became his lifeline throughout covid, but it was then he started to notice the difficulties accessing the countryside. This encouraged him to not only petition for better access to countryside routes but inspired him to create a website listing all the accessible routes in certain UK areas. And for Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, there are plenty of routes listed

with clear detailed mapped routes, so you don’t have to worry or miss the beautiful scenery in your area. You can go out with confidence and not have to stress. Linked below is the founders inspiring story and his website you can check for places in your area.


Activity and hobby days

Finding things to do in your local area can be difficult when you don’t know where to look and when you need to get out of the house as an individual or with family where can you find things to do. ‘The Crazy Tourist’ is a travel resource covering destinations around the world, founded by several freelance writers/travellers based on their experiences. For Hebden Bridge, there is a top ‘15 Best Things to Do’ in the area, ranging from magical landscapes to trails and museums to visit, there’s something for everyone. With information on each location, you can narrow down on the areas you want to visit and that may be suitable to you. Check out the locations you might have not known or never visited in your area today.

Rainy days can be hard on parents, especially if it’s a weekend and you’re wanting to do something fun. Finding indoor areas in your local area can be a lifeline and help you and your family from being cooped up in the house. ‘Day out with the kids’ is the biggest UK website for finding family days out with over 7,500 attractions across the country and counting. Just pop your location in and you will see an array of activities from adventure days out, zoos and wildlife to theme parks and so much more. Even better for the parents with young children, you can filter your searches to activities for a younger or older audience and a chance to select if you wish to find somewhere indoor when the weather is unpredictable. There is even a membership card they have ranging from a monthly to a lifetime membership to help you save money on tickets and various wristbands for future trips and days out. With this website your next adventure isn’t far and it may help you pick somewhere to visit when you need that family time together.

For couples spending quality time is important and being available to do things can help benefit and strengthen your relationship further. ‘Things to do’ is a website sharing travel tips and destination information on places in your local area and have shortlisted a ‘Top 5 things to do Good for Couples in Hebden Bridge’. With ratings on cinemas, to canal boats trips, you can find something romantic to do within your partnership whilst making memories you won’t forget. With ratings and detailed descriptions on what each location facilitates and has around the area, you can be sure to find something that suits you and partner interests for the perfect day out.



Helping directly within the fundamental areas of your community can be a great way to learn more about your local area and find information about what projects and events are on through the local council. For the people wanting to give back to the area of Hebden bridge, becoming a town hall volunteer may be for you. Dating back to the 1897, the original council building is a Victorian building with a rich history, with it once being a fire station. In 2008 the Hebden Bridge Community Association was formed, with a vision to transform the local area and offer a range of spaces for community, enterprise, and recreation area. The association went on the raise £3.7m for a major development to sit alongside the old building, the new town hall now sits buzzing with activity and is the beating heart of the Hebden Bridge’s rich community life. Offering office units for businesses, a light airy café and event venues for the public to hire out, there’s now more than ever more spaces to create. Being a volunteer can bring a sense of importance, with the knowledge of your work

helping to give back and money raised going straight back into the community. Town hall

volunteering is a unique opportunity with only a job description of 4-8 hours for the role a month. There’s no need to stress about hours or finding the time along the week, you can fit it around a busy schedule, home life or your family. The volunteers are a key part to the town hall team, with being the first point of contact with visitors and local community members, whether it’s welcoming them in or answering the phone your role is important. And with only needing a basic knowledge of admin skills, they provide the training so you can learn and strengthen skills that can be transferable in later life. There’s an email connected their website so you can fill in a form, if you don’t have access to the internet not to worry because you can also pick up a form at the town hall to complete. After filling in the form you will be invited for a chat with the director Graham Mynott and will have a chance to ask questions. For more information on the volunteering and the Hebden Bridges town hall’s history see the link below.

For animal lovers, volunteering can be a wonderful way to surround yourself around cute furry friends whilst helping an organisation or just giving your time to look after an animal that needs a little love. ‘Yorkshire Cat Rescue is a charity saving lives of abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens in Yorkshire and beyond.’ They provide food, love, shelter, and the necessary veterinary care until they find their forever home. The charity aims to ‘relieve the suffering of cats who are in need of care until they find a forever loving home.’ Volunteers are the heart of the charity, whether it is raising money through events or charity shops, fostering, looking after cats in need, working admin or working the phones, every volunteering role counts. Becoming a volunteer can make a real difference to a cat’s life and with volunteering opportunities from, cat care, drivers transporting foster cats, emergency team or in a charity shop we need you! With each list of job roles, there’s information on each so you can find a suitable job that fits best to you as an individual. With a simple

form attached to each tab, reach out today and help give a cat the love and care it needs.


If you find your relationships need more support or if you want to work on your own behaviours and concerns in the way you interact with others, contact us for more information. Relate Cross Pennine is a registered charity servicing relationship counselling, individual counselling, marriage counselling, children's and young people’s counselling, family counselling and sex therapy around the West Yorkshire and Lancashire area.

To find out more or to contact us today, you can find us here

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