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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on helping individuals and couples navigate issues related to their sexual health. It can provide support and guidance to help people explore different aspects of their sexuality including self-image, desire, communication and performance. Sex therapy can be beneficial for those who struggle with anxiety, low self- esteem, body dysmorphia or any feelings of disconnection within their relationship.

Sex therapy sessions typically take place over several weeks or months. During these sessions therapists may ask questions about the individual or couple's past experiences in order to gain an understanding of the underlying issues they may be facing. The therapist may also encourage the exploration of sex education topics such as anatomy, physiology, safer sex practices, personal boundaries and intimacy techniques. Couples are encouraged
to express their thoughts openly in order to build trust and understanding between one another. The goal is to create a safe space for both individuals in which they can feel comfortable expressing themselves sexually without fear of judgement from outside sources or each other.

If you are considering working with a sex therapist it is important to make sure you select someone who has experience working with this sensitive topic area. A good therapist should show sensitivity towards both the individual's feelings and partner’s concerns while providing constructive feedback throughout your conversations together. Ultimately, sex therapy provides an opportunity for individuals and couples to better understand their sexuality and improve intimacy within relationships all while upholding respectful standards of care in the
therapeutic environment.


​Relate sex therapy has shown to be successful at dealing with a number of very common sexual problems, such as:

● loss of desire
● erectile dysfunction
● difficulties with orgasm
● painful intercourse
● premature ejaculation

We understand it can be difficult to talk about sexual difficulties. Our specially trained therapists will help you to talk about and understand these difficulties. They then gradually guide you through a practical programme which will help you to overcome these problems and reduce your anxiety about them.

Relate has helped thousands of people re-discover a satisfying sex life so please get in touch if you need our help.

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