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Young People's Counselling - ages 11 to 24

Welcome to our young people’s counselling page

Our Young people’s counselling service is available to support young people aged between 11-24 years.

​Those young people who come to us normally want counselling because they are feeling unhappy about something in their lives and cannot find a way to sort things out on their own.


Common problems include things like:

  • parents splitting up or arguing all the time

  • bullying

  • exam pressure

  • feelings of panic, anxiety or depression

  • sexual identity

  • difficulties with relationships at school, at home or with family or friends

But don’t worry if your particular problem is not on this list one of our counsellors will be able to offer you a supportive space for whatever it is you want to talk about. What you say to our counsellor is confidential unless the counsellor is worried for your’ s or
someone else’s safety.


Many of our young clients say counselling has helped them to understand things better, to feel much happier and to have much more confidence in themselves.

​Notes for Parents or Guardians - Confidentiality

From our point of view, your son or daughter has the right not to tell you about what is discussed in their meetings with a counsellor and we ask that you respect that right. Parents can also become part of the therapeutic process as part of our Family Counselling service. Please note, however, that family counselling is only viable if the children concerned are happy to