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Meet the Team

Management team

Ken Sanderson - Chief Executive

Ken went straight into the commercial world training to be an accountant. In ten years he worked for national and international companies in both the UK and United States. He left the commercial sector after a family illness caused him to assess what was important to him and his family. He and his wife opened a coffee shop, take away shops and a restaurant. Life became less of a step back and more of a competition so the businesses were sold giving Ken the opportunity to give something back to society. In the following ten years he worked in the public sector in the West Midlands and East Anglia as a commissioner. In 2009 Ken started as a Management Consultant in the SME and voluntary sector helping organisations become more efficient making a bigger impact. In 2015 Ken was CEO for Mind in South Essex before joining Relate in 2020.

Diane Huck - Operations Manager

I’ve been part of the service at Relate for the past 23 years so I’ve seen many changes bringing us to where we are now. My role is making sure we deliver high quality and effective services for anyone who needs it whatever their circumstances are. We believe healthy partnerships are key to healthy communities so I help ensure we always do our best to help.

Working for Relate is a real pleasure, and I have enjoyed every day I have worked there, and fully intend to be there until I retire.


Board of Trustees

Relate Cross Pennine trustees are unpaid volunteers from across the region who are ultimately responsible for directing the affairs of the charity, and ensuring that it is solvent, well-run and delivering the charitable objective: improving the personal relationships for individuals, couples and families as well as marginalised communities. 


The board comprises a talented mix of experienced trustees who bring to the table a wide range of valued business, education and charitable sector skills and knowledge. The board of trustees meet [X] times a year – [X] formal trustee meetings, and [X] strategy day. 


There are X places on the board which are filled on the basis of nine regions (East of England, East Midlands, London, North East, North West, South East, South West, West Midlands, Yorkshire & the Humber).  Up to four more places may be filled by co-option by the board to fill any identified gaps in skills or knowledge. Elected members take their place from the AGM in November of each year.  Their terms of office are three years, with a maximum of three continuous terms of service.

Anthony Perryman - Chair

Elly Barfoot - Trustee

I joined the board more than 10 yrs ago having been asked by a former Relate
counsellor if I was interested so said yes - simple as that. My chosen career was always working with primary aged children and I've always had an interest in child welfare, having come across some quite troubling circumstances in the families of the children I was working with Time to Talk for young people is of particular interest to me because of the job I did for over 20 years. 


I would hope that relatepkc will continue and expand to become one of the main
sources of counselling support for the people in this part of Yorkshire. 


I've been a volunteer for other organisations but I never thought I would be
involved in anything like being on a board of trustees for a charity but its proved to be
very worthwhile and I could say life-enhancing.

Brenda Botton - Trustee

I joined the Board of Relate PCK in 2016, having been Counsellor Representative since 2010. Born in Halifax, but moved to West London in the 1970’s. Amongst other things, I’ve worked in catering management and then local government. I went to Relate as a client initially; counselling did not save my marriage, but it saved me - I have been passionate about its work ever since! I trained and worked as a Relate Counsellor first at Central Middlesex then moved back to Yorkshire with my third husband (a Londoner) in 2001. We very happily ran a small B&B in Hebden Bridge until retirement, alongside my working p/t as a Counsellor for Relate PCK.


The landscape of charities has changed enormously in 25 years, but I believe we have demonstrated the ethical commitment, business experience and adaptability to move forward into new territory.

Gordon Lingard - Trustee

I joined the board in September 2014. My background started as a solicitor and then becoming a District Judge of the County and Family Courts and also a nominated Judge of the Court of Protection. I now sit as a Deputy District Judge


Over the years, I been involved with various charities and held roles as a Church Treasurer and Treasurer of The Association Of HM District Judges. When I was approached I knew that the work of Relate was very important, and then realised how much greater its scope was than I had been aware from a professional point of view.

I hope that my experience is of assistance to the Charity particularly bearing in mind my almost 1/2 century working in the field of family Law