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Free support for Ukrainians this week

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

National Relate are offering free 30-minute phone chats with their counsellors to support Ukrainians in England and Wales with the emotional challenges you’re likely to be facing right now.

As the situation in Ukraine continues, the news of what’s happening is all around us. The Relate network wants to reach out to those with loved ones at the centre of the crisis, who may be going through all sorts of emotions including feeling overwhelmed and scared.

Trained Relationships and Wellbeing Advisors are here to listen – book your free chat, appointments are available from Monday 7 March to Monday 14 March. The service is being provided by English-speaking counsellors.

National Relate wants to help as many people as possible, however, as a charity, resources are limited so please bear with them if there are no available appointments when you first try to book. If they are able to add extra appointments, they will do so as soon as possible. Updates will be provided on social media channels.

You can access the online booking here: Book a free chat

National Relate President, Anjula Mutanda says

“We want to offer whatever support we can to those who are suffering as a result of the war in Ukraine. As a former child refugee, I understand on a very visceral level the anxiety, fear and trauma that accompanies being torn from safety and thrown into an uncertain world. I also know that it is incredibly powerful to know that there’s someone to talk to, willing to listen and support in terrible times. Nothing can match human kindness. Our counsellors are here to help.”
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