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Join us this April

Lockdown is starting to lift, people are starting to surface again after a difficult and long winter. At Relate Cross Pennine, we care about peoples’ relationships and how you interact with the ones you care about; whether that be with partners, relatives or friends. For the next week we are asking you to reconnect with the relationships which may have become distanced or strained over the lockdown period by having a good cup of tea and a chat.

Rule of 6

Now in the UK, people can mix with up to 6 people in their private gardens or parks to socialise. Why not use this new guidance to invite a friend or a neighbour over for a socially-distanced cup of tea? You could also go for a walk with your children who live out of the family home or that long-lost aunt or uncle who may be lonely after shielding for all of 2020?

Social connection

Feeling ‘connected’ and engaging in social conversation has huge health and wellbeing benefits. It provides you with a distraction to everyday struggles, gives you a platform to speak, reach out for support and can give a great reason to go for a walk. Humans have been social beings for millions of years and it is no different now. Is there someone who comes to mind as you are reading this? Why not drop them a text and invite them out this weekend to the local park?

Still self-isolating?

Even though lockdown is starting to lift, some of you may not feel ready just yet. That doesn’t mean you cannot join in with our April campaign. You can still maintain social connection through Zoom or Facebook Video Messenger and share a hot drink with someone. National Relate published an article here that has great tips. You might be anxious about reaching out but just remember you are not alone. It is being reported more in the news that many people are experiencing anxiety about returning back to ‘normal’. Be kind to yourself and just message one person to start.

Lockdown has been difficult for relationships. Some have become more distanced, others have been crammed into small spaces together and need space. At Relate Cross Pennine, we are asking people to join us this April in tagging a friend on social media or picking up the phone and reconnecting as we come out of lockdown.

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