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Let's talk the joy of later life sex - Daphne and Arthur

Daphne and Arthur

Daphne and Arthur talk about sex and intimacy in their later years:

Daphne: Sex is great, and when your relationship is new sex is, you know, first last and in the middle. But, as you get older when the first flush of youth dissipates, I think intimacy comes naturally because intimacy is sharing everything not just your body.

Arthur: And it's the thing that binds you together with the rest of your life.

Daphne: Yeah we never leave the house without kissing each other goodbye, never. Whenever we walk down the road we always hold hands, he looks for mine or I look for his.

We had a day off and we know we went bed together and had sex in the afternoon. With all the windows open, the curtains drawn but all the windows open. And all of a sudden the window wanged open and Claire, our daughter, shouted “mummy, da—” Now were we embarrassed? We had a Jolly good laugh. Claire was embarrassed.

Arthur: I know kids think older people don't have sex but I don't think it's necessary tied with age.

Daphne: Yeah I mean as we've got older we've got more relaxed, you know we've got a decent standard of living. Yes I think our sex life has been pretty good. It's nice, it’s nice.

Daphne and Arthur are taking part in the national Relate Let’s Talk The Joy of Later Life Sex campaign. Relate have teamed up with renowned British photographer, Rankin, for the campaign to shine the spotlight on the unseen - sex and intimacy in our later years.

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