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Let's talk the joy of later life sex - Mark and Andrew

Mark and Andrew

Mark and Andrew talk about sex and intimacy in their later years:

Andrew: We’ll lie in bed, and we both love reading in bed. And we’ll lie back to back. But feet would be touching and it's moments like that, that are important to you. As much as, you know, banging each others brains out - to put it crudely.

Mark: If you do have a moment where you do feel horny, then that’s fine. You know we will work that out, won't we. I think sometimes particularly if you haven’t had sex for a while that the sort of start up moment it's almost going back to being a teenager again. Or what what do we do and then once you start obviously it becomes natural. It might go infrequent but I think the older you get the better you get at it. It’s quite normal now on television, on TV programmes to see older couples sort of showing intimacy. But it’s very rarely shown if the older couple is a gay couple. As well as being husbands we’re also like best friends. That side of it's always been something that's been a constant intimacy and it hits more physical sexual aspects that go up and down as you go through different times in life.

Mark and Andrew are taking part in the national Relate Let’s Talk The Joy of Later Life Sex campaign. Relate have teamed up with renowned British photographer, Rankin, for the campaign to shine the spotlight on the unseen - sex and intimacy in our later years.

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